SEMINAR: Discovery of the new boson X17 on a low-energy accelerator: Fifth force or dark photon

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Khoa Vật lý trân trọng kính mời quý vị đến dự seminar khoa học đặc biệt

Ngày: 12/02/2018 (Thứ 2)

Giờ: từ 2 giờ 30 chiều

Địa điểm: Phòng 408F, nhà T1, 334 Nguyễn Trãi


Speaker 1: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet (VNU Hanoi)

Title: Discovery of the new boson X17 on a low-energy accelerator: Fifth force or dark photon

Abstract: In 2016, the research group at ATOMKI (Debrecen, Hungary) has discovered an anomaly when bombarding Lithium kernel by a 1 MeV energy electron beam on a Van de Graaf accelerator with 6.8 sigma confidence. This anomaly can only be explained by the existence of a new interaction mediating particle of mass as low as 17 MeV. The authors interpreted X17 as dark photon. Immediately after it, a theory group at Irvine (USA) proposed an alternative interpretation of X17 as the fifth force of Nature, which raise a media hype in USA and the world. In 2017, there have been more than 70 publications citing this work and many labs in France, Germany, USA, Italy, Switzerland have proposed to repeat this experiment. If confirmed, this discovery will lead to a new revolution in Physics. Especially, this experiment can be completely carried out in Vietnam with existing facilities. The seminar will introduce the main issues of the two above works and suggest a program for this research direction in Vietnam.

Speaker 2: Dr Nguyen The Nghia (Faculty of Physics, HUS)

Title: Electrostatic accelerator and its application possibilities

Abstract: A brief introduction to the electrostatic accelerator: 5SDH-2 Pelletron, 1.7 MV, tandem type, and the possibilities for analysis, research.

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