Currently, with a total number of 72 members, the FoP has lecturers and researchers of excellent professional knowledge and skills, enthusiastic and dedicated to physics education and research.

The number of permanent lecturers/principal lecturers/senior lecturers of the FoP is 47 lecturers, 87.5% of them holding Ph.D. degrees. Especially, there are 3 professors and 17 associate professors, which accounts for about 20% of the total number of professors of the VNU-HUS.

The generation of lecturers born before 1970 is mostly trained and educated at leading education and research institutions of the former Soviet Union and in East Europe block. Many younger lecturers were educated at various leading education and research institutions in the USA, France, Germany, Netherland, Canada, Japan, and Korea.

The quality and the quantity of the lecturers and researchers of the FoP are the strongest advantages in teaching and researching in physics that no other undergraduate programme in the nation can match.