The FoP has 13 members units (09 departments with many modern laboratories for teaching and researching, 02 Laboratories at Faculty level, 01 Key Laboratory at VNU level and 01 Center for Materials Science, headed by the Science and Education Council and the Faculty Dean’s Board. In detail:

  • Department of Theoretical Physics
  • Department of Solid-State Physics
  • Department of Quantum Optics
  • Department of Nuclear Physics
  • Department of Radio Physics
  • Department of Cryo-Physics
  • Department of Computational Physics and Informatics
  • Department of General Physics
  • Department of Geophysics
  • Laboratory for Computational Materials Science
  • Laboratory for High Energy Physics and Cosmology
  • (VNU) Key Laboratory for Multiscale Simulation of Complex Systems
  • Center for Materials Science (CMS)

Other organizations such as: Faculty Committee for Educational Quality Assurance, the Labor Union, the Youth Union, the Students Association, the Faculty Alumni Association, the Association of former employees,… actively participate in many activities of the Faculty.